Rain RFID made simple

Nedap Harmony takes away all friction and complexity to get started with RFID technology.


When everything is in tune, it just works

RFID brings awesome possibilities for breathing digital life into any product. RFID is a hard to learn technology and very complex to find the perfect balance where hardware and software connect with each other. For us, it's basically just like music.

There is a low threshold to get it just right. If it's not right it doesn't sound good, it's just a series of melodies altogether. But when everything is in tune, it just works. There is harmony.

Start fast

Highly customized applications with little effort

Using the Harmony platform, you can easily build applications that leverage the power of RAIN RFID technology and integrate with existing ERP, WMS and other systems.

Scale quickly

No specialized knowledge required

There is no need to have detailed knowledge on RFID parameters and configuration. Through profiles and automatic configuration, Harmony ensures optimal RFID performance under all circumstances.

Why Harmony

Rain RFID made simple

Cloud-native scaling
Just sign up to Harmony and get started. There is no need to install, provision or configure anything. While you deploy RFID to hundreds of sites – the backend automatically scales.
Easy integration
Harmony offers out-of-the-box Restful APIs, WebSocket connections and MQTT client functionality to integrate with any business application or platform. All encrypted and secure.
Harmony works with smart readers from all major vendors, like Impinj, Zebra, Nordic ID, JADAK ThingMagic and Keonn. Both fixed and mobile readers are supported.
Remote configuration
Harmony-certified readers can be remotely updated and managed. Changes in settings are pushed out in real-time.

Ready to get started?

Get started for free in under 10 minutes!

  1. Sign up for Harmony
  2. Install the app on the reader
  3. Build your first application
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